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Knowing Stone Stairs More

Stones are beautiful. They are natural looking. They are durable. They require that much maintenance. You cannot only install them outside your place but also inside your home. Although its pros might sound quite tempting, before starting its installation, you have to consider its cons too. Those cons are not presented to discourage you from choosing this option. Rather, they will make you prepare. Here are a few things you need to know about stone stairs.

They are heavy

Although this is obvious, many people still ignore this factor when installing stone stairs. You need people who could move and lift the material. If you are planning to install them indoors, make sure that your house will be able to support it. For that case, make sure that you fortified the foundation of the stair. If possible, leave the installation to experts. They have skilled people. They can do it well.

Stones are expensive

Just like brick stairs, stones are expensive. If you want, rather than the two, you could choose the wood stairs. Well, although the latter is cheap, you have to remember that wooden materials are not reliable. Compared to the first options, wooden materials have shorter lifespans. Once they rot, owners have to replace them again with a new one. That process will continue until you get tired of it. If you are willing enough to spend more money on this project, choosing the stones and bricks are better.

Some stones are slippery

Stones can be slippery. Although shiny stones are attractive, you have to consider the interests of your users. If you are going to install these stones outside of your house, choose something that has a rough texture. Be careful of moss after the summer season. Once the rain comes, they will make the stairs slippery. You have to remind yourself to clean it before someone become a victim.

If you have some problems with the installation or with its repair, calling Joshua's Landscaping Brookline is a good choice too. We have skilled and reputable stair specialists in Chestnut Hill, MA. Call us at (617) 410-8964 today if you need quality stone stairs.