Preparations Recommended by Commercial Landscape Contractors

What to Prepare for the Winter: Commercial Landscaping Tips

No matter what season it is, you will need to know how to maintain the commercial landscape. However, preparing for winter is especially important because of how vulnerable plants are in cold temperatures. You can always hire commercial landscape contractors for help, but it would also be advantageous to be aware. With that said, the following explains what preparations you will need to make for the winter.


Before winter comes, you should take the time to aerate the lawns in the vicinity because it helps the soil to transition easily to the colder temperature. The more air comes through, the easier it will be able to adjust for winter. Aerating helps because once there is more air, the compacted soil can break down and water and nutrients can be absorbed easily by the soil.


Don’t forget to water the plants in the property during winter, especially when the temperature is above freezing. Most people would decide not to water because they think that the melting snow will be enough. It might take time to provide moisture for the plants and it would be better to manually water them. Moreover, commercial landscape contractors would recommend not to forget to winterize the irrigation system to avoid damaged pipes.


Add fertilizer to the lawn right before winter comes so that the turf is prepared and has the nutrients it needs throughout the season. If you fertilize, roots will stay healthy and continue to grow even in the cold temperature. Moreover, the plants will have a healthier growth by the time spring comes.

Preparing the landscape for the winter season is crucial to maintain the health of the plants. If you need help from a professional, you can check out Joshua's Landscaping Brookline. We are commercial landscape contractors based in Chestnut Hill, MA that meets the standards. Feel free to inquire about our landscape construction services that you might need.