Three Main Benefits of a Green Landscape From a Landscaping Contractor

A Green Landscaping for Your Home

“Green” landscaping around your home beautifies your land and is great for the environment. Even more beneficial to the average homeowner is the fact that green landscaping can also have a significant impact on the green in your wallet. The EPA estimates that the typical suburban lawn consumes at least 10,000 gallons of water above and beyond rainwater each year. As water prices continue to rise in most municipalities across the nation, the benefits of incorporating green landscaping into your property become clear. In addition to cost savings, green landscaping presents a host of other benefits and hiring a landscaping contractor:

Lower Maintenance

Because the basis of green landscaping is xeriscaping — planting with drought-resistant foliage varieties that are native to the area — the plant life works in concert with the environment, adjusting to the natural amount of rainfall and sun or shade provided. This type of landscaping requires much less effort to maintain the health and beauty of the flowers and shrubs.

No Pesticides

Intelligent landscaping with native plant varieties eliminates the need to use a lot of chemicals on the lawn for pest control. By choosing plants that have built up a resistance to most of the local pests and fungi that can attack them, few if any pesticides are required to keep the plants healthy. In some cases, there are plants that may actually repel some species of local insects, keeping the entire yard that much more enjoyable for the homeowner.


Landscape planning with conservation in mind helps preserve natural resources. For example, deciduous trees planted on the sunny sides of the home (usually the south and west) can save energy inside your home by providing shade in the summer and allowing more warming sun in during the winter.

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